1st Resource Bank

From Our Customers

“First Resource Bank reminds me of the banks I grew up with. They take genuine interest in you and your business and operate on a first name basis. Responses to requests are swift and the customer service is exceptional.”

Dr. John Lee
Unionville Equine Associates

Commercial Term Loans

First Resource Bank provides loans with principal repayment schedules for:

  • Purchase of equipment,
  • Acquisition of a new business line or
  • Purchase of a business.

Our goal is to work with you to match the repayment to your cash flow.

We can provide a flexible advance schedule, a takedown period, for those situations in which the purchases have varied deliver dates. We will also set up a equipment line of credit to cover your periodic equipment purchases at pre-arranged terms and interest rates.

Please contact one of our loan representatives to discuss our products and current rates.

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