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From Our Customers

“My last 5 clients wanted to build homes. While other banks made promises they didn’t keep, First Resource Bank came through and provided essential funds to help realize my client’s dreams.”

Jim Renehan
Renehan Building Group, Inc. 

Construction Loans

First Resource Bank provides construction loans for both owner occupied and investment properties. These loans will include land purchases, soft costs and the structure’s construction costs.

For residential use properties, the collateral could include multiple approved lots, a single approved lot or a parcel to be improved. Each would include the house construction costs.

For commercial use properties, these projects could include:

  • Parcels that have completed the development process
  • Expansion or renovation of currently owned properties
  • Acquisition financing for properties which need renovation funding
  • We will design a loan with your help that fits the property’s cash flow and your goals as a property owner.

Please contact one of our loan representatives to discuss our products and current rates.

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