1st Resource Bank

From Our Customers

“I have been with First Resource Bank since starting my business. They have been by my side through every up and down. First Resource is extremely accessible. I can call Glenn any time and know he will pick up the phone. I visited a number of banks before finally finding a true business partner in First Resource.”

Trish Faidiga
Advantage Building & Facility Services, LLC


  1. What is FRed™?
  2. How does FRed™ work?
  3. Do I need to buy special software? Hardware?
  4. Is FRedTM difficult to use? Any special training required?
  5. What do I do with the checks after I've scanned them?
  6. What do I do with cash deposits?
  7. How much does FRed™ cost?
  8. How do I sign up for FRed™?
  9. How fast are my deposits available with FRed™?

*Eligibility for FRed™ is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.