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From Our Customers

“From the very first day I transferred all of my accounts into their care, First Resource Bank has always gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations.”

Tyrone Harley, Sr
Coatesville Tire

Security Built Into First Resource On-line Banking

At First Resource Bank, we appreciate the trust you put in us, and we are committed to protecting your confidential information. We’ve implemented some security measures to safeguard your confidentiality when you interact with us on-line: some of these measures you may not see as they operate behind the scenes; other measures will require your participation when you log-in to your First Resource Bank accounts.

In addition to our firewalls and encryption protocols, we’ve put in place “multi-factor authentication,” which means that we use multiple layers of security to better protect you when logging into Online Banking at First Resource Bank.

First Time Log-ins

When you first log-in to Online Banking with us, you should expect the following:

  • You will be asked to select an image from a extensive library of images. Once selected, this image will then appear each time you log-in to Online Banking--after you enter your User ID, but before you enter your password, and on each subsequent screen once you have been admitted to your personal Online Banking information. The appearance of this image will give you peace of mind that you are at your secure First Resource Bank account site; if the image does not appear, you should NOT type in your password.
  • You will also be prompted to change your password. The password, or PIN, you use the first time you access your First Resource Bank account information should be changed to something easy for you to remember, yet difficult for others to guess. We advise using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, none of which form a word or a series of successive numbers. Destroy any written copies of this PIN for your protection.
  • We do not require, yet highly recommend, that you change the way your accounts are identified in the account listing. At first, you will see your accounts with us identified by account number, when you log into your Online Banking. We advise that you select the “Options” tab when logged in, then choose “Account,” to designate Account Pseudo Names for each of your accounts. This will eliminate the display of your account numbers on your Online Banking screens, and replace the numbers with the names you choose.
  • You may also choose a more memorable User ID once you’ve logged in the first time. Select the “Options” tab, then “Personal,” to choose a Personal ID to use in lieu of the access number provided at account opening. Again, we suggest a Personal ID that is memorable, but not easily guessed by others. Destroy any written copy of this Personal ID for your protection.

Future Log-ins

Once you’ve selected your personal image, you will see this image each time you provide your Online Banking ID at log-in, and on each screen you access once logged into your secure Online Banking site.

  • You may use your First Resource Bank Online Banking for several weeks before we prompt you to assist in the next level of security. Upon log-in at some future date, you will be prompted to select, and answer, three challenge questions. These questions will be used to uniquely identify you, and we advise you to keep these questions, and the answers you provide, a secret.
  • In the background over these and future weeks, we will develop a profile of your typical First Resource Bank Online Banking usage, including the IP address of the computer(s) you use to access your accounts. In the future, if we detect a change in your activity, or the use of a different PC to access your accounts, we may prompt you to answer one of the challenge questions you selected. Your ability to proceed in Online Banking will require the correct response (the response you originally provided us) to the challenge question asked.
  • In the next few months, we will also require that you change your Online Banking PIN at least once every four 90 days, for added security. Of course, you may change your PIN at any time, by logging in and selecting “Options,” then “Personal,” and selecting a new PIN, if you believe your password may have been compromised.

First Resource Bank will never request your Online Banking ID or PIN; and we will never request you to send confidential information by, in response to, or via a link in, an email. If you have any questions, or if you need assistance in re-setting your PIN, please Contact Us